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Sierra Hillbillies Welcome New Dancers!

September 13, 2005 was graduation night for five new members of the American square dance community! The students, under the instruction of Bob van West, began training in January to learn our American folk dance by taking a weekly class conducted by the Sierra Hillbillies Square Dance Club. The club proudly presents (from left) Bobby Black, Fay Vestey, Joanne Marrin, Charles Sparks, and seated in front, Jamie Waters. The club is now beginning a new class on September 12th, 2006 for a ten-week Basic Class. For information, please call club president, Cathy Spicker, 661-257-4801.

Please welcome our new members
of the Sierra Hillbillies Square Dance Class.

Several of the couples are already making and wearing square dance attire to the class, so you can tell they are truly enthusiastic new dancers! As you can also see from our list, we have several single ladies that would appreciate some of you gents showing up to angel on Tuesday nights. They are all good sports about dancing with me, but I know that can be difficult for new students as they are trying to learn all the new steps and separate out the belles from the beaus.

Please make it your business to dance with our Tuesday night class at least once (or maybe twice) a month even if you can't make it on a regular basis. Introduce yourself to our students. You will be investing a couple of hours in our club's future as well as meeting some wonderful new friends.--Karen G-S

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