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In 2018 the Hillbillies dramatically changed their Beginning Square Dance instruction program.  Instruction in the 67 Basic & Mainstream Calls is now offered twice a year with instruction in the 28 Plus calls offered once a year.  This approach is designed to create more opportunities to master the basics of square dancing each year before moving on to intermediate square dance lessons.  Classes are offered through the City of Santa Clarita Recreation & Community Services Department. You can find our square dance classes described in the Santa Clarita Seasons Magazine, or online at
 under Adult Classes, then Dance Classes.

Classes are held on Tuesday nights from 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. with all classes at Valencia Meadows Park, 25671 Fedala Road, Valencia.  The next class starts August 20, 2019, for a period of 8 weeks for only $50.00, taking students through 35-40 Calls.  The Level 1 beginning class is followed on October 22, 2019, by an 8-week Level 2 class covering the remainder of the 67 Basic & Mainstream Calls.  The Level 1 & Level 2 beginning classes will be offered again with a 9-week Level 1 class starting January 7, 2020; and an 12-week Level 2 class starting March 17, 2020.  Intermediate square dance classes covering the 28 Plus Calls will be offered for 8 weeks starting June 16, 2020.  The registration fee for each session of Level 1, Level 2 or Plus classes is $50.00, payable in advance to the City of Santa Clarita.

Singles as well as couples are always welcome at the Sierra Hillbillies classes and dress is casual. "Angels" - experienced dancers who ensure that the new dancers get to dance with people who already know the patterns - are definitely welcome from all clubs.

All of the Sierra Hillbilliesí monthly dances feature alternating Mainstream and Plus calls.  Most clubs in California usually dance at the Plus level, while clubs in the rest of the United States primarily dance at the Mainstream level. 
For more info: Contact the Sierra Hillbillies at or call our Google number, 661-262-9525.  Find us on Facebook:

 Our instructor is Arlen Miller . Arlen calls at all levels from Mainstream through A2. He has been calling in the Western United States and has done numerous regional and national square dance conventions.

Arlen is a member of Caller Lab, an International Association of Square Dance Callers dedicated to fostering the art of square dance calling, and improving caller skills. They fulfill this mission by providing guidance and education, certifying caller coaches, maintaining standardized lists of calls and definitions, and generally promoting the square dance activity.
Each member takes an active role in promoting the Square Dance Activity and the sport as a whole.


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