Square Dance Class

The Sierra Hillbilly Beginning Class will be starting in September. Class Flyer
Please let your friends know how healthful and how much fun dancing can be.
Angels make the class work (and get to dance for free).

     We start our new Mainstream Square Dance Classes in September. This meets in the evenings from 7:15—9:15 P.M. That means if you haven't been attending the class, you’re not having as much fun as you could, or meeting the great new student dancers and angels that are coming each week.

     We need all members to make a genuine effort to attend class at least twice in the ten weeks period, and introduce your selves to the students. Why is this important? Because we want them to join the Sierra Hillbillies when they graduate, and it will be much easier for them to write that club dues check if they feel they are joining a group of friends instead of a club of strangers.

     Sure, some of us are regular angels at the class, but not enough of the membership are yet regulars. Sure, a few of you have other commitments on class night. That leaves about 50 members, however, who could make that extra effort to attend one class over the next 10 weeks.

     We often put out a call for more guys, since we always seem to need you fellas. This request is different, though. Please come and introduce your selves to the class members and our new graduates (now angels) and all the other angels. As usual, our instructor is turning out great new square dancers. Let’s make sure they want to be Sierra Hillbillies, too!


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Updated 07/29/11