Who Are The Sierra Hillbillies?

The Sierra Hillbillies is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Western Square Dancing and Round Dancing. The club has been in existence since 1967 in the Santa Clarita Valley , just 40 miles north of Los Angeles.

With approximately 50 members, the club is known as one of the most active and "rowdy" square dance clubs in the L.A. area. We welcome couples and singles of all ages to join us for an afternoon of dancing fun.  In keeping with our philosophy that it's all about the joy and camaraderie of square dancing, we've adopted a policy of "Casual Dress Always Welcome" for our club dances. We normally dance alternating Mainstream and "Plus" level tips, with an occasional "A1" tip.

Our club dances are held on the first Sunday of each month (2-5 PM), always at the Valencia United Methodist Church. We do not have a regular caller, but instead enjoy dancing to a variety of guest callers. As a result of this, our callers are booked several years in advance.

The Hillbillies have a very active visitation schedule, normally scheduling a minimum of one visitation each month.  Other clubs are also encouraged to visit us. You can retrieve your banner or grab one of ours.  If you'd like to pay us an official club visit, please send us an e-mail  Mail2.gif

Round Dancing is also a big part of the Sierra Hillbillies. Rounds begin at 2:00 PM and continue until 2:30 PM when we square up. Rounds are also cued between square dance tips. We have guest cuers who do the rounds.

We also offer square dancing instruction for new dancers and refresher classes for experienced dancers through our Beginner's Square Dance Classes, which meet each Tuesday evening from 7:15-9:15 p.m. for approximately eight months each year. The classes begin with the Basic Calls and continue through Mainstream and Plus Calls, at which time students who have completed the entire series of 98 Calls are graduated and issued certificates of completion. The next series of classes begin in January or September. In non-class months, we occasionally offer a six- to eight-week Plus Calls Workshop.

The camping crowd is also very active. Groups of Hillbillies often go out camping together to various campgrounds in the Southern California area.  The favorite for the year is at the Bakersfield Fiesta, when the whole caravan usually joins together with The Mountain Squares of Frazier Park for an RV-in at the Kern County Fairgrounds, with great food and fellowship for all.

As you can see, the Sierra Hillbillies are a diversified, fun loving group, and we'd love to have you join us. Everyone is welcome at the Sierra Hillbillies. The only rule that we adhere to strictly is "Have Fun"!



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updated 05/11/19